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Wedding Films

An internet search will provide you with hundreds of hits for wedding video or wedding film makers. On the beautifully decorated webpages, one can read accurately composed critiques and plaudits to the authors.

Amongst the huge oversupply of videographers and cameramen are those who call themselves cinematographers, who appear like a dash of colour.

I would definitely not rate the Sanchofilm wedding movies in that category of wedding videos.

They are a lot closer to the world of cinematography, of motion pictures.

With their film-like pictorial appearance, with scenes planned in advance – all of the angles are considered and with an accurately carried out post production, they cut an impressive professional dash.

They are exempt from the neverending length of traditional wedding videos, or of their appearance full of with mushy digital effects.

You will not find among them those lofty, soaring , steadycam-recorded roller-coaster type of films either.

Among the representatives of the wedding industry, the cameramen and videographers are in a fortunate position. This is because there is no equivocation with them. Their portfolios will clearly show the style they represent.

Therefore, I suggest that you make yourself comfortable, switch on your home cinema or put on a quality headset, click on the HD resolution and browse the Sanchofilm wedding cinematography.

Image Films

I recommend image films to small or medium-size businesses, entrepreneurs, contractors or private individuals who would not wish to finance a large scale promotion or advertisement, but would still like to promote and present their activities on the internet or even on smaller TV channels. These short movies built up in a cinematographic style present the field of activity, the history and business policy of the firm, tagged with graphical elements, headlines or even complemented with narrative.

The cinematographer

My name is Roland Horváth, the inventor, film-maker and founder of Sanchofilm Cinematographics.

I have been interested in films and in the art of filming itself since my adolescence. I have always been the one to have a camcoder at hand, be it any kind of event or reunion.

My films always aim at having an impact on the viewers. I do believe that a beautifully composed movie will always be able to make the viewer shed a tear or, on the contrary, burst into laughter.

For me, cinematography means: unforgettable experiences that I have witnessed during the shootings; meeting the many characters in my movies; the creative phase of the post production; the priceless positive feedbacks.


I am totally out of my mind about the wedding video as genre, but it was really incredible

The shootings

Basically, the Sanchofilm movies are made up of two kinds of recording: they combine the documentary-interview type of telerecording with the pre-set, systematically imagined and well-worked-out scenes. The pre-planned scenes can make both the portrait and wedding films original and special and diverse. On mutual agreement with the characters of the movie, we can shuffle a little spice into the draft recording of the events. All this is presented stylishly, so that it fits into the scenario of the wedding day, or to match the scenes of the lovely smile of your favourite grandchild.

The recording – let us call it shooting – can be a spontaneous, friendly entertainment for the viewer, also providing the opportunity to test yourselves and try out your personality in front of a camera.

It was really amazing. Sofi loved it so much that at the end of this she was applauding

The post production


I reckon, that once the cinematographer has done a good job, one of the most prominent and obvious features of cinematography and which makes it really differ from the traditional video recordings, are the thoroughness and elaboration of the post production. It is easy to discover the difference whilst sampling the thousands of wedding films and videos available on the internet.

We can clearly recognise which films have been carefully cut and had creativity put into them by their makers.

The post production of the Sanchofilm movies takes a lot longer than the shootings themselves. We attend to select the different scenes, sound effects and vocal dubs with particular thoughtfulness. The scenes are put together so that the film has climax that ends with a gradual fade out.

So that it has a beginning and an ending, not just on the counter of the player. It is the whole of these features that give the uplifting emotional experience provided by the films.

The cutting process is implemented using the latest editing software, as well as professional hardware devices, thus contributing to the high quality image display.

I loved this film so much so that I can not express it in one word

The techniques

Traditional videoing vs cinematography

Considering the technical devices , one could also say: a camcorder held in hand or on shoulder vs camera slider, tripod and crane and drone.

In order to achieve the quality reflected in our films, it is absolutely necessary to work with professional equipment. The recordings are made with professional interchangeable lens cameras using camera motion and stabilizing devices.

The ready made films are avaliable in various formats (full HD, 4K resolution ) and on various data mediums ( DVDs , blueray discs, pendrives).

We all are very happy about this video as well. The lenght of this is convenient for me to watch it about 100-150 times.


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